Scholarship Program

The SmartEdu Scholarship Program embeds the objective of encouraging bright Cambodian high school students, particularly those students who are struggling financially, to pursue their university education.


The SmartEdu University Student Development Program, or USDP in short, aims to nurture values as well as critical competencies; equipping young Cambodians with skills needed by resilient corporate leaders of the future.


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of scholars

  1. Scholars must be committed to attend their university classes and complete their degree course. In the event any scholar drops out of their university program, Smart will stop providing all financial support, including the tuition fees and monthly stipends.
  2. Scholars must attend development workshops (at least 2 times per year) and catch-up sessions (bi-monthly catch-ups) at a predetermined time.
  3. Scholars must study hard and maintain their GPA above 3.0 every academic year. In the event one’s GPA of any academic year is below 3.0, Smart will deduct 50 USD from the monthly allowance of 200 USD. 
    • Tuition fees and monthly allowances will be discontinued if any scholar suspends their studies due to unforeseen circumstances or acceptable reasons with the consent from Smart and MoEYS or NIPTICT. The respective financial support (tuition fees and monthly allowances) will be resumed when the scholar goes back to university.
    • An example of an acceptable reason would be a serious accident or critical surgery that would interrupt his or her study. In this case, the scholar must officially inform Smart and MoEYS or NIPTICT in writing and provide sufficient notice for their reply.
  4. Scholars will be able to apply for an internship at Smart when they are in their 2nd or 3rd year of their degree course. The terms and salary will be agreed based upon the ability of the scholar.
  5. Within 3 years of their graduation, scholars must work for Smart for at least 1 year. The terms and salary will be based upon the ability of the scholar.
  6. Scholars must comply to all other commitments stated in the separate agreement between Smart and the awarded scholar, endorsed by the Department of Higher Education or NIPTICT.
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